Cyber Security

HILL Cyber Security provides unique information assurance & security, and consulting solutions for industry, government, and educational institutions.

HILL Cyber Security (“HILL”) is an information assurance and security firm dedicated to strategic risk management, defending against malicious hackers and code (e.g., viruses), protecting corporate governance issues such as privacy, compliance, audits, business continuity, and disaster recovery. HILL protects corporate secrecy, accounting systems, and server and email systems, for the purpose of guarding against fraud and cyber crimes. We support forensic science, management science, systems engineering, and security engineering.

Our consulting practice focuses on the following services: information assurance & security, financial terrorism & risk management, cost engineering, business process analysis and modeling, database design and modeling, and engineering consulting.


HILL is a licensed distributor of the most powerful and dynamic software encryption product available globally: Dynacrypt Version 4.0.

Dynacrypt® (Dynamic Encryption) is a powerful software encryption product based on a new algorithm which automatically transforms readable text, files, or directories into an undecipherable form.

Dynacrypt® is a Supra-Military Strength (invulnerable to cryptanalytic attacks) software encryption program. With multi-level Security consisting of a 1 million-bit secret key and an 8 million-bit custom key, Dynacrypt® is the strongest and most complete encryption product available globally. Any file, image, or password can be used as your secret key with Dynacrypt®. Dynacrypt® has a point and click GUI Interface to support your encryption needs.

Text, files, and/or directories can be easily encrypted or decrypted and shredded using Dynacrypt®. Single words, sentences, paragraphs, or portions of a file can be selected and encrypted or decrypted with ease. Files can even be read while encrypted. Encryption or decryption speed is 20 megabits per second on a Pentium III 500 MHz computer.


In today's expanding global marketplace, businesses and professionals may be vulnerable to financial terror. Such risk - whether to personnel, operations or facilities – needs to be properly addressed; or the result could be project failure, reduced efficiency, increased costs and insurance premiums, injury, illness and even death. But surprisingly, some organizations assume these risks must simply be accepted.

Risk can be reduced - if you know how. Hill Industrial is made up of consultants with an average of 16 years of experience. Our consultants utilize their skills in financial engineering, structured finance, investment banking, fixed income trading, and risk management to identify, manage, and engineer solutions for financial terrorism. We deliver international solutions for identifying: sophisticated money laundering schemes, bank fraud, and financial terror.


HILL’s cost engineering services include economic analysis, cost studies, risk assessment, analysis of alternatives (AoA), cost estimation models and analysis for Information technology and engineering systems, cost to benefits analysis, return on investment (ROI) analyses for non-profit and profit organizations, work breakdown structures (WBS) and analysis, Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 compliance for government agencies and organizations, business case analysis, and its unique cost process models to conduct efficient economic analyses (EA).

Economic analyses are complex and require mathematical creativity, technical expertise, and precise synchronization and modeling of cost elements. HILL uses unique sets of tools, formulae, databases, and models to streamline the entire EA process.

Government agencies require their organizations to comply with the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996. HILL has direct experience and expertise in helping Government organizations comply with this Act. HILL can provide organizations with the necessary documentation, calculations, research, and analyses necessary for compliance.


HILL provides IDEF0, IDEF3, and DFD compliant business process models for business assessment and re-engineering; performance metrics development, design, analysis, documentation, and presentation to capture relevant data to support business decisions; work flow and time or schedule Impact models; and efficiency studies comparing AS-IS and TO-BE models for streamlining processes, improving efficiencies, and achieving cost savings.

Business process modeling for government agencies, organizations, and programs require special considerations due to its non-profit stature, reliance on contractors, and the unique blend of civilian and military personnel. HILL has the requisite experience to provide meaningful business process re-engineering, studies, and models to make government agencies more efficient.


HILL has expertise in providing entity-relationship diagrams (IDEF1x and CASE); Microsoft ACCESS based projects; ORACLE PL/SQL expertise, ORACLE GUI interfaces and Oracle Database Administration.